Sunday, November 2, 2014

Day Two of National Novel Writing Month

Every November thousands of writers from all over the world get together via a social networking site called for the purpose of writing 50,000 words of fiction in 30 days.

I participated last year for the first time and it was a total blast.  I especially enjoyed being able to turn my internal editor off; you know that fun hating part of you that likes to ruin every creative endeavor.  It comes in really handy when you’re ready to start re-writing, though.

So, this year I’m writing a story about a big wave surfer who ends up becoming involved in the male escort service business.  Being a surfer myself, but not a big wave surfer by any means, I love talking to surfers, hearing their lingo and especially eyeing them performing towel changes in the parking lot of Salt Creek, which is a famous surf spot in Dana Point, CA.

I’ve been a madwoman at the keyboard for the past two days, and have cranked out 10,000 words.  My main character is turning out to have a pretty out of control sex drive.  But who I am to argue with him?  After all, he’s running the show.

I love the energy of a first draft and I encourage you all to try it if you dare.

Now, time to sit by the fireplace, eat some homemade lentil soup and dream about big wave surfers...Ah, November.

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