Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tales From The 'hood

My Husband Kerry aka Surfer Boy and Me. If you see us around town, say hi!
We live in the HIP District in Laguna Beach.  It's a seven block area, right on the beach which few know, was the original downtown of Laguna Beach.
The View from our home in the HIP district.
It's been dubbed the HIP District as an acronym for Historical and Interesting Places and also because it's Hip!  This is what the promoters will tell you and it's true enough.  But I'm going to tell you the real stories about the people who live here.  The stuff you won't read about in the paper.  Unless it's the police blotter, that is.

Just walking out the front door is an instant adventure.  We live on the corner of Brooks and Gaviota.  Brooks street is a world famous surf spot.  It's also tough to gain acceptance in the lineup.  The testosterone is raging out there.  But my husband Kerry, Surfer Boy that he is, has gained respect in our three years here.

Last night Kerry and I ran into one of the local surfers who is affectionately known as "Instabro".  Instabro is a kick ass surfer, blonde, always ready with numerous ex-wife jokes, energy and laughter.  His ex wife has provided him with lots of insult comic material and made sure he's remained single for numerous years.  However, he met a really nice girl a couple of years back who changed some of that.

"My girlfriends havin' a baby end of June" Insabro said, as we walked together down to Brooks street to check out the waves.

"Does she know who the Dad is"?  said I.

"Well, we actually broke up for thirty days"

He then related stories of being single for thirty days and having his Iphone rapidly filling with names and phone numbers of the hottest chicks in town.  He missed his girlfriend so much, that he called her.

So I guess his FaceBook page will soon be filled with pictures of "The Baby".  That's usually the time that I take advantage of the "hide friend" feature on FaceBook.  Don't say I didn't warn you.

Next, we walked another half block and ran into one of my favorite people on the block.  Bob is a tall, lanky guy who loves to talk, smile, pet your dogs and work on his Sweet Ferrari 355.  His open garage usually features him with his mechanic jumpsuit, covered in grease, happily changing the transmission in said car.

The way I understand it, Bob and his family are inspired, innovative, successful folks.  Let's just say that his family was involved in a little invention called "the laugh track" which you hear to this day on every sitcom.  Last night Bob was working on not The Ferrari, but fixing some broken wicker chairs.

"Are you rebuilding those chairs"? asked Kerry.

"Yeah.  Marty, across the street threw 'em away and they're perfectly good.  This one just needs a little bondo, this one just needs some sanding, a little Rustoleum and paint.  We're gonna have a barbecue with the neighbors when the chairs are done.  Put 'em right out back next to the gas barbecue and have us some good barbecue."

"Am I invited to the barbecue"? I asked. "I'd better be."

You see, my daughter and her boyfriend live downstairs from Bob.  The barbecue grill they love so much came from Yours Truly.  We never used it and they love it!  I only had to ask them once if they wanted it, and five minutes later they were at our front door.

One of my lovely daughters and her boyfriend. I love them!

Next, we ran into Bruce and Sholo.  Bruce is an eighty five year old,  world renowned plastic surgeon. Most folks would think: yeah right, fancy Newport Beach plastic surgeon with the big oceanfront home.  But no!  Bruce is some of those things, but he's also the most down to earth, Southern Boy you'd ever want to meet.  His real claim to fame in the HIP district is his Mexican Hairless dog, Sholo.

Bruce was used to living in the South.  Georgia, namely.  He's got the Georgia peaches to prove it.  He grows them on another property he owns.  I tasted them today and yes, you need to lean forward over the sink to eat them.  Juicy, tasty and made my day!

Back to Sholo.  Bruce rigged up this nifty contraption that he uses to run Sholo.  That is, until Bruce tore his rotater cuff in an unfortunate accident whilst running Sholo.  What he does is he hooks Sholo up to his bicycle with a harness and a leash.  Bruce dons a helmet and off they speed, down Gaviota Street, which is really not much more than an alley, and attempt to dodge all the cars and delivery trucks.

Suffice it to say that on one fine summer day, Bruce flew over the handlebars.

Another time, Sholo got loose.  Laguna Beach is a town that backs up to a vast wilderness area.  There are numerous stunning hiking trails.
My Husband aka "Surfer Boy" on one of our local trails
Sholo a is a sweet, innocent dog, for all the testosterone that he displays.  He ended up spending several days out in the wilderness with the coyotes.  To quote Bruce: "Sholo didn't quite understand the eating arrangement out there."

He finally got rescued by concerned neighbors who noticed a frightened, Pure Bred dog that didn't fit in amongst the coyotes.

"He came home with lots of cuts on 'im that needed to be sutured" said Bruce.

Who better to perform the necessary plastic surgery than Bruce himself!  Today, Sholo continues to be athletic, shy and sports the cleanest darn incisions you ever did see.

I love life in the 'hood.  Watching the sunset with Surfer Boy tonight, sipping a glass of fine red wine, I sometimes just can't believe my luck.

Next time, I'll tell you all about the skateboard gang that cruises up and down Gaviota Street.  They're a kick in the pants!  You'll want to stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I'll leave you with this painting that a famous plein air artist by the name of Pat Tobin painted prior to his untimely demise.  He must've set up his easel four doors down from our house.  You can see our home in the painting; the blue house with the weather vane.  Did I mention that  Laguna Beach is also an artist community?  I think that's what makes the HIP district so special.  The art, the creativity, the waves, the Lagunatics!

We found this painting hanging in the lobby of the Ritz Carlton in Dana Point. Famous place! Gaviota St. that is.